Our Tests

When you come to us for an eye test, you’re likely to experience some of the tests described below.


Tonometry is the measurement of the eye’s pressure and enables us to detect conditions such as glaucoma. Your optometrist will start by inserting eye drops into your eye. A small device called a tonometer then moves close to your eye so that it gently touches the cornea, measuring the pressure of your eye.

Some opticians prefer to measure eye pressure with the “air puff” test with a non-contact tonometer (NCT); however, we have found that in some cases this is not as accurate.


Most people remember refraction as the part of an exam in which the doctor asks the patient, “Which lens is better, one or two?”

Refraction is a subjective test to measure nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. The optometrist will place an instrument, called a phoropter, in front of your eyes. A series of lens comparisons are then shown to you.

The optometrist will ask you which lens is clearer, but you may notice that neither lens shows obvious clarity. This is nothing to worry about and you should provide an honest answer.

Fundus camera

The retina is the only portion of the central nervous system visible from the exterior. The Fundus camera enables us to gain a detailed view of your retina. So much of what we see in internal medicine is vascular related and so viewing the Fundus is a great way to get a sense for your overall vasculature.

Slit lamp

A slit lamp is used to examine the front and back parts of your eye. This is to evaluate the overall health of your eye. The instrument magnifies your eyes many times and uses a bright light to illuminate the eye structures.

Each part of your eye, including your eyelids and eyelashes, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, crystalline lens and anterior chamber, is examined in a methodical manner to reveal any defects or diseases.


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