Benefit from revolutionary overnight vision correction and avoid the risks associated with laser surgery

Despite the risk of damage, the promise of permanent vision correction draws many people to corrective laser eye surgery; however, advances in ocular technology mean you can now enjoy clear, crisp vision without any risk to your eye health.

What is Ortho-K?

Ortho-K is a simple non-surgical procedure that gently reshapes the curvature of your eye to improve vision. Contact lenses designed specifically for your eyes are worn overnight, shaping your eye as you sleep and eliminating the threat of damage posed by laser eye surgery.

How does it work?

All you need to do is wear specially designed, semi-rigid contact lenses moulded to fit your eyes while you sleep. When your lenses are removed in the morning, the cornea returns to its original shape, but slowly enough to maintain crisp and clear vision while you’re awake.

This remarkable procedure is reversible and causes no damage to the eye surface. Unlike laser eye surgery, the lenses do not harm the elastic tissue of the eye, but instead gently use the pressure of the eyelid to mould the cornea.

What are the benefits of Ortho-K?

There are many benefits of Ortho-K, including:

  • Noticeable improvements in your vision straight away
  • Clear vision throughout the day
  • Freedom from contact lenses and glasses
  • Only overnight lens wear
  • Comfortable semi-permeable alternative for the correction of short sightedness
  • Reversible sight correction
  • No risk of damage to the eye tissue or cornea
  • Noticeable improvement overnight
  • Can prevent children’s short sightedness from getting worse
  • Easy lens care
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • No surgery

Am I suitable for Ortho-K?

First, we test your vision and analyse whether you will be suitable for Ortho-K. Your eye health, and the strength and accuracy of your vision are taken into consideration along with your previous medical history.

After your examination is complete, our experienced optometrist will discuss your eye health with you in depth. Depending on your prescription, eye health and general health, they will then advise you accordingly and give you all the support and information you need.

Myopic (near-sighted) people are most likely to benefit from Ortho-K.

For myopic people we use a reverse curved lens which is inserted just before you sleep. When your eyes are closed, the pressure from the eyelid pushes on the lens reversing the curvature of the cornea.

For hyperopic people the procedure is the other way round. The lens moves the tear film on from the periphery to the centre. This simple process is the same as laser eye surgery, but without the risk.

Should you be suitable for Ortho-K treatment, our optometrist will use the tomography readings and measurements of your eyes to create your specially designed lenses.


You won’t be left alone to deal with the lenses either. We will arrange for you to visit us regularly to ensure that the new lenses are having the desired effect on your vision. We will also give you clear instructions of how to clean and insert the lenses.


Booking your Ortho-K consultation with our experienced and passionate optometrist is easy. Simply call us on 01354 652 418 and speak to a member of our friendly team, or visit our book an appointment page and we will call you to confirm your appointment.