See Smart


See Smart will correct your shortsightedness whilst you sleep leaving you to enjoy 20/20 vision throughout the day, in as little as 14 nights!

What is See Smart?

See Smart is a revolutionary non-surgical method of vision correction for short-sighted people. You can simply go about your day-to-day life with 20/20 vision, with total freedom of nothing on your face or in your eyes, without the need for risky laser eye surgery.

How does it work?

Short-sighted individuals have eyes that are larger and more curved than those that have 20/20 vision. This means that when light enters the eye from the world around us, they focus short of the retina (think of the film in an old school camera) and so our vision is blurred.

This short-sightedness is then traditionally corrected with minus prescription glasses or contact lenses to refocus the light onto the retina allowing you to see clearly.

Laser eye surgery works by the same principles but the main difference is that the results are achieved by surgically removing tissue from the front of the eye (with a laser) to refocus the light onto the retina correctly.

See Smart works by the same principles, but the key difference is that, unlike laser where the tissue is removed, See Smart moves or redistributed the tissue on the front of the eye to refocus the light onto the retina correctly. Leaving you to enjoy beautiful 20/20 vision throughout the day.

What are the benefits of See Smart Non-Surgical Vision Correction?

There are many benefits of Ortho-K, including:

  • Noticeable improvements in your vision straight away
  • Clear vision throughout the day
  • Freedom from contact lenses and glasses
  • Comfortable semi-permeable alternative for the correction of short-sightedness
  • Reversible sight correction
  • No risk of damage to the eye tissue or cornea
  • Noticeable improvement overnight
  • Can prevent children’s short-sightedness from getting worse
  • Easy lens care
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • No surgery

Am I suitable for See Smart?

First, we test your vision and analyse whether you will be suitable for See Smart. Your eye health and the strength and accuracy of your vision are taken into consideration along with your previous medical history.

After your examination is complete, our experienced optometrist will discuss your eye health with you in-depth. Depending on your prescription, eye health and general health, they will then advise you accordingly and give you all the support and information you need.

Myopic (near-sighted) people are most likely to benefit from See Smart Non-Surgical Vision Correction.

For myopic people we use a reverse curved lens which is inserted just before you sleep. When your eyes are closed, the pressure from the eyelid pushes on the lens reversing the curvature of the cornea.

Should you be suitable for See Smart treatment, our optometrist will use the topography readings and measurements of your eyes to create your specially designed lenses.


Check Your Treatment Suitability Online?

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