Routine check saves eyesight

Posted on 3 September 2013

We all know that we should have our eyes tested regularly, even if we’re not having any problems with our vision. However, many people don’t seek help until they notice that something has gone wrong.

Thanks to one of these regular eye examinations, we recently helped to save a patient’s vision by spotting a suspicious looking shadow behind one of his eyes.

Vik recalls: “I was conducting a routine eye examination when I noticed something unusual behind one of Philip’s eyes. After further investigation I referred him to Huntingdon Hospital where an ophthalmologist informed him that he could potentially have a tumour behind the eye. Philip was then sent to see an optical specialist at St Barts, who concluded that he had a 4mm choroidal tumour within 1mm of his optic nerve, putting his sight at great risk.”

Philip said: “If it weren’t for Vik and his speedy referral, I could be in a very different situation today, possibly without my vision and with potential liver cancer. I strongly urge everyone in the surrounding area to visit Vikesh and his fantastic team once a year, even if they’re not having any problems with their vision”.

With National Eye Health Week fast approaching, we are encouraging the local community to visit us and to have their eyes tested.

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